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How F***ing great!

2010-09-14 17:38:37 by ChaosMoomoo

Stupid F***ing NG. I get my art deleted because someone thought I traced my two newest art pieces. F***!


2010-09-14 02:07:57 by ChaosMoomoo

7 Hour's or so ago I submitted my best art peice yet, EZIO! Enjoy.

Just submitted some more art. Planning on doing more entertainment genre art pieces as well.Here it is! Enjoy

Yes! It's All F***ing Over

2010-09-08 02:02:03 by ChaosMoomoo

Yesterday I heard the best news in all of my 2010 school year. The f***ing election is over. I'm so happy. I don't care if we still have a ranga in parliment, the S*** is all over.

New Art Submission

2010-09-05 01:37:56 by ChaosMoomoo

Hope you like it.

Check out my other art!

New Art Submission

I got Xbox Live!

2010-08-29 03:26:38 by ChaosMoomoo



By our, I mean Australia and by PM for you Yankies, a President. I'm sick of all this Bull-S*** about 'hung Parliment' and all of this campaining crap, I just want to watch the news without being flooded by the word Election! I personally am too young to vote, but just keep the Ranga ( Julia Gillard, current PM ) in and get Tony Abbot to quit the politics and go back to his dumpster. So I ask all of you NG user's, who would you vote for, the Ranga or the Hobo?

~Chaos Moomoo

New Project

2010-08-20 07:03:43 by ChaosMoomoo

I'm going to try and do some football ( soccer for you American's ) players starting with my fave team's captain, Carles Puyol


2010-08-13 21:03:06 by ChaosMoomoo

Shit! My computer apperantely deleted my coloured copy's of art that I was going to submit together sometime soon, so I have to start over again, stupid computer!

~Chaos Moomoo

Updating Art

2010-08-11 02:33:12 by ChaosMoomoo

Hey Guys,
In my spare time I've recently been adding some colour to my first art submission, Eagle Warrior, so I hope you enjoy it once I finish. :).
Well, stay tuned and peace out NG